Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Craft Night

So my friend Manny and I recently decided to become old ladies and ditch the activities people our age usually partake in (clubbing? movies? staying up past 10:30?) and have a weekly CRAFT NIGHT! This makes me beyond happy and nostalgic. When I was growing up I always had a craft room filled with paints, glue, glitter, loo roll tubes (art attack anyone?), boxes, and random wooden doll heads from White Rose.  But now that I live in a small apartment with a husband who hates clutter and "junk" (read: my stockpile of craft supplies) I find it very difficult to craft to my hearts content as I once did. BUT this is about to change! So tonight we decided to make mini terrariums or as Manny calls them, "Terrums".

Dave and I went to our local nursery and talked to the most knowledgeable plant man ever.  He suggested we get an "air plant" which needs no soil and blooms hot pink and also gave us a big handful of reindeer moss for free. He was pretty awesome. (Thanks Spencer!)  Next Manny and I scoured Value Village and Goodwill for little trinkets to put in our terrariums. We ended up finding a big ziploc bag filled with little animals and wooden books (?) for a buck.

As you can probably tell, Manny spent much more time on hers than I did. Dude, she carved stairs out a piece of bark. That she found.

All in all, a lovely way to spend a Wednesday evening.

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  1. Craft nights are awesome! Can't wait to see what else you guys make :)


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