Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Crafting To Do List

So I'm making a lot of my Christmas presents this year. Which a) is AWESOME but b) a lot more work. Here are some (I can't tell you all of them until after Christmas though for obvious reasons)  of the things I'm working on at the moment:

Chalkboard Frame for Manny

(she requested this so she knows that she's getting it!) I got a pretty cool frame and she picked out a paint colour too. She also requested I add 3 (she was very specific) key hooks to the bottom of it as well.


Texty Paint by Number Art Thing

I'm making about 3 of these for Christmas. The one above is one that I made Dave for his birthday this year. I used a quote from a song he really likes by the Avett Brothers.


Throw Blanket

(this is the fabric Dave picked out)

Dave and I were at Chapters yesterday and saw this grey fuzzy blanket . It didn't look like much but OH MAN did it feel amazing! So soft and heavy! It was pretty small though and costed $79. Ouch! So we drove down to Fabric Land and picked up some fabric so I can make one for us for Christmas. I pretty much had to drag Dave into the store but once he saw this Nordic Sweater pattern material he got right into it! I have never seen a man get so excited about fabric. Or a blanket for that matter. He was having so much fun I just let him pick out both fabrics, one for the top and one for the bottom. I got the idea from this post.

Well I'm afraid that's all I can really tell you about. I'm dying to share pictures of everything else I'm making/made, but it'll have to wait! Happy Tuesday!


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