Saturday, 22 December 2012

DIY Blanket


I had been wanting to make one of these for Dave for awhile now and finally was able to get to it last week. It was one of the easiest and most difficult things to make ever. It was easy because you pretty much just sew two pieces of fabric together. BUT it was hard because the fabric was SO HEAVY I ended up having to move my sewing machine to the coffee table (which was larger than my desk) and sew from a super awkward angle.

This blanket took me about 2 hours including cutting and sewing time. Not too bad! And boy, is Dave in LOVE. He carries it around the apartment like (a cool, manly) Linus. Here's how to make one:

I should really point out that this is the 3rd thing I have ever sewn on my sewing machine, so...heed my directions with caution 


  • 2 meters of each; faux fur and flannel (you can really use any soft material you like though)

  • sewing machine (I would not recommend hand sewing this baby)


1) Wash your fabric. I almost forgot to do this.

2) Lay your two fabrics on top of each other and cut them down to the size you want your blanket to be. My two fabrics were both 2 meters long, but were different widths, so I had to trim them so they were the same.

3) Lay the fabrics so that both of the fuzzy sides are together, (this is where I am starting to realize I am not qualified to write sewing tutorials) and pin around the edge of the fabric.

4) Now sew that baby all around but leave about an 8 inches "hole" unsewn

5) Turn the blanket inside out through the hole you left

6) Hand sew the hole and PRESTO you have a blanket!

If you want clearer instructions (with pictures) go here



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