Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Toms Restyle

Like many others out there, I adore my Toms. No matter how AWFUL they make my feet smell. Which is really bad. My love is that deep. The down side of Toms though (other than the smell) is that they tend to wear out in the toe, so you end up walking around with a cartoonish hobo shoe thing  going on. Hmmm. I'm really not doing them justice here...

Anyway, tonight I was looking on Pinterest for ways I could perhaps extend the life of my current Toms until I can afford a new pair. I came across this and searched through my fabric bag and found some skull fabric and went to town.

IMG_1140The end result

Unfortunately the fabric I used was pretty thin so the glue still showed through after it dried. Definitely not ideal but hey, I never claimed to be no craft prodigy! Besides, if you squint a little or show people them while moving your feet back and forth, they look slammin! And that works for me!

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