Friday, 4 January 2013

I Just Made Bread

IMG_1346Look what I just made, BREAD! I was so proud that I had to take pictures before I ate the whole loaf (yeah, it actually tastes good too!) I've been wanting to make bread for years now but have always been pretty nervous about the whole process. It's more like a science experiment than baking. BUT I came across this easy no-knead bread recipe (that most professional bakers scoff at, hmpf) and it's pretty much fool proof. My dough didn't even form into a ball like it was supposed to, and I literally just threw it in the pot before it slopped all over the floor and it STILL turned out amazingly!

It's so good I'm making another one with garlic and parmesan to bake for tomorrow.

IMG_1345I would highly highly recommend trying this whole bread making thing out. Also doesn't the first picture remind you of this guy




  1. I've always wanted to make bread!

  2. you should try! i felt very domestic and pioneer-ish after :)


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