Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Put a Doily On It!


The other day at Goodwill I picked up a few t shirts and tops that I could play around with on my sewing machine. I had a simple red t shirt with a pocket on the front that wanted to try doing this to. Well, I took off the pocket and low and behold there were tons of little holes where I took the seams out. So what did I do? Put a doily on it! I've gone crazy for doilies lately, I feel like that sketch from Portlandia. Doilies are really easy to find at garage sales and thrift stores, usually for only a quarter. I just pinned one to the left side of the shirt so it would cover the holes and sewed away. It's (purposely) off center, but that's cool now, right?


I showed my 78 year old Oma the shirt and the first thing she said was "It's crooked!" like I was very daft and then pointed out that people are supposed to put doilies on their couches and here I am sewing them crooked on to my shirts! She then spent the rest of the afternoon making doily jokes about me. "Look, I made this doily 20 years ago, you're not going to make a shirt out of this one!"

Well, I still love it!


  1. Hilarious Nat! And yes you pretty much nailed the conversation with Oma.
    Love the shirt :)

  2. It looks great. I have been wanting to embellish t-shirts, good idea about getting some from the Goodwill to work with. :-)


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