Friday, 29 March 2013

The Best Breakfast I've Ever Eaten

IMG_1788So there's this running joke in my family that I always say "This is the best so-and-so I've ever eaten!" And that I say it so often that they are starting to doubt when something is actually as good as I say it is, since everything I seem to make /eat is the best ever.

Well I really do hate to say it, but this actually is the best breakfast I've ever eaten. So good in fact I've eaten it everyday for breakfast and twice for lunch/a snack last week. It's really simple to make too: Toast your bread, spread a little bit of mayo on it, top with half a chopped avocado, a soft boiled egg, and salt & pepper. Done! 



Try it out, see if I'm right ;)


  1. This looks great! I will be having it for breakfast or lunch during the week.

  2. Great idea Nat......had it for lunch yesterday and it was dellish!!!!


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