Sunday, 14 April 2013

My First Craft Show!


Today my mum and I did our very first craft show! It was a blast! We decided to get a table together so we had a combo of homemade pottery stuff (that my mum makes in her home studio) and my Bake Sale treats. Dave came too and he chatted up all the old birds and made them laugh, what a guy! We didn't know what to really expect but we were both pleasantly surprised by how much we sold, especially in the last half hour.

I was shocked at the amount of independent sales consultants there were like Arbonne, Scentsy, Party Lite etc at a craft & gift show. I think there were maybe 5 tables that were selling handmade things, which is crazy right?! It really made me want to host my own authentic homemade craft sale (my mum and I are seriously thinking about doing this on her front lawn in the summer).

All in all though, it was a great day. I felt so inspired talking with some of the other (handmade) vendors, getting ideas about what shows are good, groups like Stitch & Kitsch, stuff like that. It was heaven! Here are some of the photos from today, have a look!

053034b 037 040 041 043 044 046 049 051P.S at the end of the day I had my eye on this amazing up-cycled tie necklace the girl across from me was selling so I traded a tray of my baked goods for it. Score!



  1. Looks amazing! You should totally do Stitch n Kitsch! If you have any questions about it I know a bunch of people involved, and so does Sue, of course! My friends and I had zine tables there a few times.

  2. Unfortunately Natalie, the vendors selling Epicure and those products are why my mom and I stopped going to craft shows. If you know of a craft show that still sells handmade crafts, let me know. I have always enjoyed seeing what people have to offer.

  3. Looks like such a fun time! I love craft shows!!!!


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