Tuesday, 21 May 2013



Well I'm back! I never thought I'd be so grateful to be home. Our trip was quite an adventure!  We ate a lot of amazing food, talked to Jamie Oliver (!!!!), I sprained my ankle, got the flu, and met up with an old high school friend. Here are a few of my favourite pictures from London.364492 474 452 404 395 370362 334 300 266 240 229 221 220 147 126 125 096 082 076 075 046 037 028

Dave and I stayed in this apartment in a little village called Pinner just outside of London and we loved it. The hosts literally lived right beside us and they would burn us DVDs, buy us chocolates, and introduce us to their adorable English grand kids (who I couldn't for the life of me understand!).

I miss London (and Jen!) very much.


  1. These look like postcard pictures.

  2. Pics look amazing Nat! Can't wait to catch up with you guys ASAP

  3. Enjoyed the inviting photos. Cheers!

  4. Amazing pics Nat!!!!


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