Sunday, 28 July 2013

Craftster & Craft Swapping


I feel like I haven't written a crafty post in forever! Recently I've been getting back into Craftster, which, in case you're wondering is an online crafting community (I know right?!). Craftster has a section where they do craft swaps; where you pretty much mail people crafts of a certain theme, and get sent crafts too! Kind of like a crafty pen pal. I did my first swap back in high school and it was a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme. I loved it! I made 4 crafts and sent them to my assigned partner and received 4 crafts as well. I can't remember exactly everything I received but one of them was a charm bracelet made entirely out of Tiffany blue and black bobbles and charms. Sounds amazing right?

Currently I'm signed up for an ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap, where everyone posts a list of themes they like (some of mine for instance are Wes Anderson movies, cake, and Bewitched) and then someone chooses one of your themes and creates a little piece of art around that idea and sends it to you. Make sense? Here are some of the ones I've been working one:

Themes from left to right: alcoholic drinks, motivational quotes, goddess, & alcoholic drink

ATC swaps are great (especially for me) because they are cheap and don't require too much time to make, plus even if you have to mail it to someone overseas, you're only mailing a tiny envelope (as opposed to a larger craft). Like the idea? You should check out Craftster, sign up (for free) and join the swap!

Happy crafting!

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