Monday, 1 July 2013

Oma & Opa's


Like many people, I adore my grandparent's place. Growing up I always thought their place was really outdated (and much too clean), but now I find myself adding fancy throw pillows and macrame plant holders to our place!

Dave and I were in town and dropped by for a visit the other day. Here are some of the photos I took. Oh and did I mention that my Oma has a crazy green thumb?! Check out her flowers!

IMG_1520 IMG_1542OMAIMG_1475

that's a picture of me and my mum in the same dress!OMAIMG_1476 OMAIMG_1490

IMG_1537 OMAIMG_1498 OMAIMG_1500 OMAIMG_1508 OMAIMG_1511OMAIMG_1528 OMGIMG_1502


  1. Love it!!!!

  2. This reminds me so much of my grandmothers house and garden. I miss it! Thanks for bringing back some great memories Natalie.

  3. Such nostalgia oozing from this post. It made me miss my GP's! Its silly when you are growing up you think their home is so outdated and this and that but as you mature and most likely when you are an adult you long for those comforts and realize that they have some pretty cool things that make their house a home.


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