Sunday, 4 August 2013

DIY Stamp Art

IMG_2595Lately I've been covering the walls like mad here. But covering them with prints and art can be expensive so I've been looking into more DIY-type things I can hang up around the apartment. I came across this post and saw the stamp art and suddenly remembered that I had a stamp collection when I was younger! And that maybe it was still lurking somewhere in my parent's attic! So off I went to my parent's and spent an hour or so rummaging through my old room contents when I finally found it:


Score! Looking through the binder of stamps I suddenly had the realization that I was , well, a pretty big geek. I had pages just of stamps that had horses in them. Oh boy. But I thank past-geeky-Natalie for supplying me with many creative materials for present-less geeky- Natalie.

Anyway, this DIY is super simple. I just took an old $1 frame from Goodwill, painted it with gold spray paint and then made a collage with stamps which I then glued down to the card stock (some stamp enthusiasts may cringe at this). I played around with the placement of the stamps before I glued them down, to make sure they all fit in.

Don't have a large stamp collection to pull from? Ask around! My mum works for a financial company and they get mail from all over the world: read, they get cool stamps! So what she would do (when I was really into stamps) is go to the mail room and ask the guys there to rip off the corners of the envelopes with the stamps on them and save them for her. You'd be surprised how many stamps I would get this way just in a week! My oma would also ask her neighbors to save their stamped envelopes as well.  I clearly have the best family. Removing the stamps from the paper is easy enough too. Here's a how-to if you're interested.


Now I just need to figure out what else to do with all those stamps...

Happy crafting!


  1. I really like the look of this. What good are they doing sitting in a book anyway? Nice job.


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