Friday, 2 August 2013

The $15 Outfit

IMG_2678I can honestly say I cannot remember the last time I bought something that wasn't previously owned by a stranger. It's a little strange when I put it that way. What I'm trying to say is that I love me some thrifting! This summer I've discovered so many neat thrift and consignment shops downtown, I almost don't want to tell you where they are, they're that good. Here's my new favourite outfit that I put together for a total of $15, shoes and all! Crazy right?!IMG_2670 dress & hat: The Green Door / shoes: StylFrugal

This budget thing really shocked my closet for awhile, but I've learned to pick up more things second-hand while still having enough money left to do fun stuff too.

Do you buy second-hand clothes at all?

Happy thrifting!


  1. not all from a stranger anymore...those are my shoes! :) glad you like them

  2. This is such a great outfit! I buy most of my clothes second-hand, it's the best way to go!

  3. Really love the dress and outfit! And thanks for posting where you got the items from - I followed the link to the working centre, and didn't realized they had used clothing there -- I remember my sociology prof at UW had actually brought us there for a visit once. If I ever go back to KW for a visit, I'll definitely have to visit those places. Didn't know Kitchener was such a treasure trove, haha.

  4. Yeah, I didn't realize the Working Centre had a clothing store either!


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