Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The ($100) Baby Room

The main reason Dave and I decided to move from our last apartment to our current one was that we needed an extra bedroom for the new Nunn. I had dreams from day one how it would look, but alas, the "baby room" quickly became our "throw everything that doesn't belong anywhere else in here" room. (See below)

Over the past few weeks we sat down and really came up with a plan on what we wanted the baby room to look like. We plan on co-sleeping so we knew that we wouldn't need a crib or that the room would be used too too much in the first few weeks/months, but still wanted a space where we could put the baby down for naps and just have a little space that was just for him/her. We also knew that we didn't want to spend a fortune on furniture and decorations. Here's what we wanted:

  • a bed of some sort for baby
  • a new rug 
  • a dresser for more storage (the closet is being used to store our office/craft materials)
  • bins/baskets on the floor for easy access to books and toys
  • some art to make it nice 

We set the budget for the room at $100 which at first sounded a bit ridiculous (right?!). But folks, we did it! Have a look...

First off, we decided to just go with a "pack & play" type playpen for the baby bed. My mum got it from one of her friends so we got it for free (thanks mum!). I'll admit, the play pen doesn't look as nice as a crib, but it was free and we can easily pack it up and bring it with us to the cottage/parents house etc.

The dresser my mum and I found at a thrift store for $25. It originally had sliding glass doors which we took out. The top was also broken and the wood was a little dirty but it was nothing a few coats of paint (which my parents had leftover in their garage) and some wood glue couldn't fix. Score!

The rug was the one thing I didn't think we would be able to get with our tiny budget BUT I scored this one on sale at Ikea for $30. Score!

The crates we found at the farmers market. I noticed that all the apple vendors had these awesome wooden crates that they used to transport the fruit so Dave went up to a few vendors and asked if they would sell us a couple. After a few funny looks, one farmer agreed to sell us two for $10. They were a bit dirty when we got them, but are super sturdy and are perfect for toys and books.

And as for decorations, we decided not to paint the room to save some money. I found the grandfather clock decal for $10 and the fish print for $3 (I already had the frame which I found in a trash pile at work awhile ago). Everything else I made or we had in the apartment already.

So that's it so far! We're still planning to add a few plants but haven't gotten around to it yet. We're pretty pleased with how it turned out considering we spent so little.

Now we just need a cute little baby to add to the room, and it'll be complete :)


  1. I love the vibrant colors! Your baby will be so blessed in this space :) What a warm home!


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