Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Our (DIY) Co-Sleeper

Today I thought I'd share the co-sleeper that Dave and my mum helped make. I think it's pretty nifty. Have a look!

Dave and I are both really into the whole co-sleeping thing which I've learned can be kinda controversial. Let's just get it out of the way that we both did a lot of reading/talking to people on how to co-sleep safely and it's what we've personally decided to do :) When we started looking at co-sleeper options we were pretty discouraged. Most traditional co-sleepers we found are pretty large, expensive and rather ugly. I did some research on Pinterest and found a few home-made options that were based on a co-sleeper design that unfortunately is only sold in Norway or something like that.

Click here to see the designs we based ours off of: Design one, design two

From these two designs Dave came up with a hybrid version. The main changes we made were to make the baby mattress level to our mattress and we made the walls a little higher. 

Dave decided to go with untreated sanded pine because it hasn't been varnished in chemicals, is sturdy, and pine just smells really good. You can't tell by photos, but there are two long boards attached to the bottom of the co-sleeper that are under our mattress which adds more stability.

In terms of the mattress, I'll admit that that was the one part I was a little nervous about DIYing. Working closely with Public Health for the past few years has instilled the fear of soft (read: dangerous!) mattresses and SIDS into me, gah! I decided to go with a thin firm piece of foam that we cut down to size and my Mum sewed a quilted waterproof cover on to it. She also sewed two snug flannel sheets that can zip on and off to wash.

Right now we have the co-sleeper pushed right up against the wall (to make it easier for me to get in and out of bed lol)  but when the baby comes we'll probably move it a little further down the bed so our pillows don't fall into it. 

We're super pumped about how this thing turned out! I can tell Dave is really proud of it because I always catch him admiring it while nodding his head with his arms crossed. Now we just have to see whether the baby likes it or not! *fingers crossed* 

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