Sunday, 22 June 2014

DIY Entry Sign

Hey there! Today I thought I'd share what we did with our entryway/ hallway in the apartment. 
Here's what it used to look like...

Boring right? To fancy it up all we did was grab a long piece of untreated pine, cut it in half and screwed it to the wall. Untreated pine seems to be the cheapest option we found, therefore there is a lot of pine in our place. On the bottom piece of wood we attached some vintage hook that I scored from a garage sale last year. For the top I drew out "let's go outside" first in pencil and then painted over it with black acrylic paint (dollar store). I had just finished reading the secret garden before making this so I had the outdoors/fresh air/ gardens on the brain. I almost went with "get some fresh air" but this fit better. 

Now we have a place to hang the diaper bag/ purses/ scarves along with a little daily reminder :) Love it!

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