Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Treehouse

For my last few birthdays Dave and I have been going on little weekend trips to a new-to-us town to do some exploring. This year we booked two nights in a treehouse (!!!) in a small town called Heathcote. It was so cool! It was located on a chunk of land owned by a bunch of friendly young hippie types. They do canoe trips, organic gardening etc and live on the property during the summer. The treehouse itself was just a short walk through the garden into the forest by the river.

The treehouse itself was super cozy and smelled amazing, like a wood sauna. It even had a bathroom! Well kind of. It was what they called a "compost toilet". Let's just say it doesn't flush and involves sawdust. Outside (on the ground) there was a climbing wall and some ropes hanging from the trees. So cool! It was rather chilly both nights we were there so we had to pile on the blankets in the loft bed, which was actually really cozy. You may be asking, how did we get a tiny baby up a ladder every night for bed? One of us would sit at the top of the ladder while the other lifted her up for the pass off. It was pretty simple actually. 

During the day we would go out for walks around the countryside, or check out the neighbouring towns. There was a pie shop right down the road and every night we would go in and the ladies there would have some chicken pot pies/ shepherds pies heated up for us to take back to the treehouse (the treehouse didn't have a kitchen). It was lovely.

Iris did pretty well too. She had her moments where she didn't want to be put down/in the carseat/carrier but all the fresh air sure did make her sleep well!

If you're interested in staying at the treehouse, you can check it out on Airbnb here.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Life Lately

1) happy girl (well, in front of the camera at least)
2) bed time comic book reading
3) mama Nunn & baby Nunn
4) most mornings are spent hanging out with Iris, watching Party of Five and drinking lots of tea

Tomorrow we leave to live in a tree fort for a few days (!!) Wish us luck!

Friday, 25 July 2014

The Elusive French Macaron

Oh man, the macaroon macaron. I first got into these when we adventured in London and Paris and I was OBSESSED with visiting Laduree to get me some fancy macarons. I think we may have gone 3 separate times. And then at the airport store too to grab some for the plane ride. Needless to say, I'm hooked! Macarons (unfortunately) are notorious for being very difficult to make. I had attempted making these little guys a few times before but they always came out really crunchy. And if you've ever had a good macaron, you know that they should not resemble crackers.

I recently bought the french macaron crash course from ABM ($8!) and read up on the tips and tricks for how to achieve perfect macarons. Boy, was it specific! I had to go out and get myself a kitchen scale to carefully measure out each ingredient. Which apparently all europeans do anyway, but was totally foreign to me.

The first batch I'm happy to report came out AWESOME! The recipe from the course is kick ass. I'd include it here, but it's crazy long and detailed. If you're really interested in trying out french macarons I highly recommend the crash course, but here are a few tips I found really helpful:

  • age your egg whites in the fridge for a few days to help get rid of some of the moisture 
  • weigh out your dry ingredients, i was really surprised how much of a difference this made
  • process your ground almonds in a food processor and then sift out the larger chunks 

Would you ever try making a french macaron? No? lol It's ok, I don't blame you! But they sure are pretty huh?

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

New Camera!

Last month I found a classic 1970's rainbow stripe Polaroid camera for $8 at a thrift store. Score right?! Well it turns out film for those suckers ain't cheap, as in $60+ for 16 photos not cheap. Yikes! Dave got me some film for it for my birthday this year and I have been cautiously savouring each photo I take. And there's not deleting/editing those photos if you don't like them!

Anyway I caught the instant photo bug and decided to buy a more modern version with (hopefully) cheaper film. Enter Instax Mini 8! I love this thing. The photos are smaller than a traditional polaroid and the quality is a tad bit better, but let's be honest, you're not buying an instant camera for the high-quality photos right?

Most of the photos I put in my journal, but I love popping them on the fridge too. There's something special about having only one copy of a photo that's not edited or anything. Plus I love looking at old polaroids of my parents when they were younger so I think it would be cool for Iris to have that too :)

Friday, 4 July 2014

Camping with a Baby

It was mine and Dave's 2 year wedding anniversary this week (!!) and we wanted to do a little trip to celebrate. But trips and new babies (and new parents!) can be tricky. I remember reading somewhere that you will have to change your whole life to accommodate a baby, but at the same time the baby has to learn to accommodate your life, learn to fit itself within the family. This may seem selfish to some but it was always really comforting to me while I was pregnant. That being said, camping is something Dave and I do every year so we were really excited to try it out with Iris. To keep things a little simpler this time we left Gus with my parents (sorry Gus).

In terms of sleeping in a tent, we just brought along one of those old school bubble wrap mats and put Iris' co-sleeper pad on top of that, which worked great! She slept right beside us so it was almost like our sleeping situation at home. I was debating whether to just have her sleep on the air mattress with us (especially since it can get cold at night) but that made me a bit nervous. There was one morning where she had squirmed right off of her pad but you can't really fall off the floor so it was no big deal.

One night it was really cold and this was something I was kinda nervous about before we left but I just layered up her onesie and sleeper with socks and then tucked her under 2 warm blankets. In the morning when we woke up we just pulled her into bed with us until she woke up and all 3 of us cuddled under the sleeping bag, it was so cozy.

If she was content, we put her in this bouncy chair thing while we set up the site/ cooked food/ cleaned up/ read books etc. If she got cranky and we needed both sets of hands, we just put her in a carrier. (We're big fans of the Ergo and Solly Wrap).

One of my favourite parts about camping with Iris was bringing her to the lake. Since you're not supposed to put sunscreen on babies under 6 months, being out in the sun at the beach during the day was kinda out of the question. So we just waited until after dinner when the sun was setting and bonus, it was pretty cloudy both times so we didn't stress the sun thing too much.

I really expected Iris to freak out in the water, just because it's definitely colder than bath time, but she was so calm. We stripped her down (kids pee in the lake all the time right?) and took her in and it was so great!

Overall, camping with a baby is totally doable. And really, not that different than camping with just the 2 of us. We're looking forward now to our Tree House Adventure at the end of the month with Iris in tow :)
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