Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Treehouse

For my last few birthdays Dave and I have been going on little weekend trips to a new-to-us town to do some exploring. This year we booked two nights in a treehouse (!!!) in a small town called Heathcote. It was so cool! It was located on a chunk of land owned by a bunch of friendly young hippie types. They do canoe trips, organic gardening etc and live on the property during the summer. The treehouse itself was just a short walk through the garden into the forest by the river.

The treehouse itself was super cozy and smelled amazing, like a wood sauna. It even had a bathroom! Well kind of. It was what they called a "compost toilet". Let's just say it doesn't flush and involves sawdust. Outside (on the ground) there was a climbing wall and some ropes hanging from the trees. So cool! It was rather chilly both nights we were there so we had to pile on the blankets in the loft bed, which was actually really cozy. You may be asking, how did we get a tiny baby up a ladder every night for bed? One of us would sit at the top of the ladder while the other lifted her up for the pass off. It was pretty simple actually. 

During the day we would go out for walks around the countryside, or check out the neighbouring towns. There was a pie shop right down the road and every night we would go in and the ladies there would have some chicken pot pies/ shepherds pies heated up for us to take back to the treehouse (the treehouse didn't have a kitchen). It was lovely.

Iris did pretty well too. She had her moments where she didn't want to be put down/in the carseat/carrier but all the fresh air sure did make her sleep well!

If you're interested in staying at the treehouse, you can check it out on Airbnb here.

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