Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Making Things Look Pretty: The Shelves

One of the first things we did when we moved into this space was put up shelves. So many shelves. I had visions of expertly styled shelves with colour organized books, art, gold book ends ect. Well we ended up just kinda throwing my thrift finds and books up on them instead. And then I had a baby and pretty shelves fell to the very very bottom of the list. Womp womp. After staring at them for hours on end each day feeding Iris I decided to finally tackle them. Wanna have a look?

 Ta-da! I'm still not 100% happy with it, but it'll do in the meantime. I started by taking everything off and placing things up in groupings. A few of the things that were really bright like picture frames and some vases I spray painted a matte black to make everything a little more cohesive. I also got a lot of the photos we had on the computer printed and put into frames which I just got at garage sales and goodwill and spray painted black.

 Gumball Machine (thrifted) / Animals (dollarama) 

 Lyric art (diy) / Landscape (by one of my old art teachers Jason Fallaise) / vase + plant + pot (thrifted)

This guy I found for $2 and just spray painted him red

 quartz & frame (thrifted)

Now to tackle the many other shelves in the apartment! Oh dear. 

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  1. Excellent mean mugging by both of you in the wedding photo


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