Monday, 29 September 2014

Fall Things

I don't know about you but I feel like we just got out of that horrible winter, and now it's fall again already! Oh boy. That being said, fall is by far my favourite season and with it brings many things that make me feel cozy and nostalgic inside. Here are a few things on my fall to-do list.

1) Visit a pumpkin patch. Dave and I always hit one up every fall to pick up some pumpkins and indulge in some hot apple cider but this year will be even more awesome because we can bring Iris! I remember when we used to go (before baby) and seeing small children posing with pumpkins everywhere. Babies on pumpkins, babies in pumpkins, babies eating pumpkins, that's totally gonna be us this year hahaha!

2) Go for more hikes. Lately the bugs have been just awful for forest hikes, so hopefully once the weather cools down it will make for more pleasant walking. I'm hoping for more evening walks with the 4 of us and with my good (and very pregnant) friend Mary.

3) Try some new bread recipes. I've been making no-knead bread for awhile now but I'd love to try my hand at egg bread which my BIL's girlfriend got me hooked on this summer. How hard can it be? Right?

4) Attempt crocheting. Again. Confession: I have tried to knit/crochet every fall for the past few years with little success. Bah! I've been super inspired by a few people on Instagram who are learning and having major success. This could be me.

5) Indulge in all things pumpkin. I know totally cliche right? I'm gonna indulge so hard that I'll be sick of pumpkin until this time next year.

Are you looking forward to any fall things?

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  1. Wahoo, fall walks! I must admit that I am a slow walker these days! - Mary


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