Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Fall Weekend

One of the things on our fall to-do lists was to get the 3 of us out to a pumpkin patch. We made the rather sudden realization this year that we both actually hate carving pumpkins, which is strange because it's something I've always made us do every year. But when we stopped to think about it, carving pumpkins is a pain in the butt! The design you pick never really turns out the way you'd imagined, and as you try to "carve" it, the pumpkin skin is always way thicker than you remember it being. 

Funny pumpkin story:

When Dave was 16 he was carving a pumpkin and his mom asked him "Dave, are you sure you know how to use that knife for a pumpkin...?" to which he angst-ly replied "MOM OF COURSE I DO" and promptly sliced his entire thumb open. He now has a large scar on his thumb that serves as a constant "I told you so!" from his mother, Ha! 

Anyway here are a few photos from our lazy Sunday morning at the pumpkin patch. We kept Iris bundled up in Dave's coat, ate some squash soup and butter tarts, and brought home a wheelbarrow of squash.  

A lovely Sunday indeed!

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