Monday, 20 October 2014

Happy Mail

Did you ever have a pen pal when you were little? I remember having a friend who moved away when I was small and we promised to be pen pals forever. We would send each other handwritten letters and drawings every month or so, but sadly we lost touch shortly after (hey, we were 7! Our best friends changed daily!). 

A few months ago I stumbled upon a creative pen pal site and was instantly intrigued. It was almost like personal ads for people looking for a creative correspondence. I casually looked through them and found a girl who sounded like someone I could be really good friends with.; we were close in age, had similar interests and she lived in the UK. I sent her an email to see if she wanted to be my pen pal and she said yes! (I tried to find a less cheesy way of saying that, but there you have it.)

Now every month or so I can look forward to a lovely handwritten letter from Frankie. Usually she'll tell me about how she's feeling (she's expecting a baby girl in the new year!), let me know what she's been up to, and sends me a small little gift, either something she's made or bought. And I do the same for her. You have no idea how happy these little packages make me!

Would you ever get a pen pal as an adult? 

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