Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Cabin in the Woods

Recently Dave, Iris and I took a trip up to Scugog to stay in a semi-remote treehouse/cabin. It was by far my favourite trip so far with the 3 of us. Again, we found out about the cabin through airbnb and were intrigued by the description and how the hosts who owned the land lived in an underground house (!) and were established artists. When we arrived at the property there were metal sculptures everywhere. Literally everywhere. Most of them were of people in really dynamic poses, they almost looked like they were moving, very eerie and beautiful at the same time. The guy who met us there (Alex- he lives in another house on the property too) asked us if we wanted a tour of the underground house (um, yes!) and then told us the host was actually none other than Bill Lishman. AKA the real life dude who they made the movie Fly Away Home about. Say what?! Apparently Jeff Daniels and Anna Paquin lived on the property for awhile while filming the movie there. Crazy right?
Anyway his house was crazy amazing. It reminded me a modern hobbit house. Here are a few photos I took of it...

The cabin was a short golf-cart trip and hill climb into the forest. It was pretty much just a one room apartment with a screened in deck outside that was right in the tree canopy. Compost toilet (really not as bad as it sounds, I swear), wood burning stove, futon couch, antique armoir with dishes and tea, a copper covered sink that drained into a bucket underneath, a single butane stovetop, and a small wooden table and chairs. The deck outside had a hammock, a rocking chair and a coffee table. Can you picture it? It was perfect.

We spent the days stoking the woodstove, chopping wood, reading out on the deck, napping, teaching myself to knit, playing on the floor with Iris, making friends with a little bird, and eating a lot of cheese and bread. Oh man. Heaven!

My favourite memory will definitely be of Iris snuggled up in her bearsuit having her naps in the hammock outside. Every day when she got sleepy, we would dress her up in her warm clothes, put her quilt down in the hammock and snuggle her right in. It was super adorable. She would sleep for hours out in the cool fresh air gently swinging in that hammock. We joked that we need to instal one in our place! 

I think this will be the last big trip we do for awhile. When I look back at all the trips we've done since Iris has been here I feel rather spoiled! Time to stick closer to home and hopefully save some more money for a little house. But what a lovely trip to end on! We will definitely be going back again. 

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