Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Cake #5 (Vanilla Raspberry)

Well I'm not gonna lie. This one came out way better than I expected. Last night I baked up some vanilla cake layers and left them overnight, not knowing what to do with them. I had a small piping bag of leftover buttercream and 3 different jars of jam in the fridge so I went with those! I guess you could call this a leftovers cake? 

To make this one a little different I tried slicing each layer into 2. Which was waaaaaay easier than I thought it would be. I saw online somewhere that sticking a toothpick at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 on the middle of the outer edges of the cake (does that even make sense?) helps to guide the knife as you cut. Worked like a charm!

I used jam loosened with a bit of hot water to fill in between the layers and since the leftover piping bag had a decorating tip in it already, I just iced the top with as many roses I could get out of it. Unfortunately this left a rather large hole in the top, but I just filled that with more jam. There's a lot of jam going on here. I haven't tried it yet (I'm waiting for dessert tonight, which is not like me at all) but I'm thinking how can this not taste good? 

1/4 of the way there! I'm going to be so sick of cake after this is over.

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