Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Slowly Unplugging

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the whole "unplugging" thing. Let me start off by saying that I really really love the idea of unplugging. But the actual action of doing it is (embarrassingly) really difficult!  I'm a big fan of the internet. The whole blogging world is where I get about 99% of my day to day inspiration. And I don't have any interest in giving up blogging or reading blogs. But I am more interested in less mindless media consumption. I'm sure I'm not the only one who automatically opens facebook as soon as they open up their browser. Or the only one who scrolls through Instagram every hour. Ugh! I hate it! I can't even imagine how much time I've wasted doing just those two things!

A few weeks back Dave and I realized that we hadn't turned on our TV for over a week (this was crazy for us!). It definitely was a strange realization and not intentional! Dave being away at work all day and Iris becoming more aware of her surroundings are the two big reasons why I think this has happened. I used to watch Netflix whenever I had to feed Iris, but then one day she was suddenly aware of the TV and wouldn't sit and eat without squirming to face it. So I had to switch to listening to music instead while she ate. The other thing is when Dave finally gets home we want to spend the short time we have together before bed actually hanging out, and watching TV just feels like a huge time suck. So we thought, if we went a week without even missing Netflix, let's just get rid of it. So we did!  I'm not gonna lie, I was a little panicky about this at first. I mean they had just added Gilmore Girls!! But after another week I noticed we instead spent our evenings going out for walks, playing "20 Questions" on the couch, having long talks, and being more available to Iris. It was a nice feeling.

Some other things I hope to try in the next few weeks:

  • Leave my phone in the bedroom during the day. If someone calls I'll hear it, but I won't hear the text messages, new emails, or fb messenger. Or see it flash!  
  • Delete facebook from the bookmarks tab and only check it once a day
  • Clean up my instagram feed. Stick to only a few accounts that I'm really interested in seeing
  • Intentional computer time. Knowing why I'm opening up the laptop before I go on
I get that not everyone is even interested in unplugging, that a lot of people enjoy spending their nights cozy on the couch catching up on shows together , but I'm curious, is unplugging something you'd like to do? Do you find it hard? What are you giving up and what are you gaining instead?


  1. Nat, this is something we were JUST talking about! Matt shared this article with me about the choices we make about how we use our time

    Love your blog posts btw


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