Thursday, 27 November 2014

Thrifted Things

It's probably no secret that I am huge fan of thrifting. Huge. On a tight budget it's the only way I can still enjoy getting new (to me) things without wasting 1/4 of my monthly budget on a single shirt. Granted, I do have to spend more time finding these things, and even if I do find something that I love there's no guarantee that it will be in my size. The past few times I've been out I've scored some crazy items, like this down-filled Roots winter coat for $8! It was originally $16 but the zipper was broken so I asked if they wouldn't mind taking some money off and the lady said "Oh dear, how about 50%?" Um YES. It felt like stealing. And the zipper my mum just fixed for me :) 

Yesterday I scored 3 pairs of shoes. I got a pair of Viking sandals (new!), some Bob's and a pair of Toms. All were $4.99 and in my size. I know right?! Some days the thrifting gods are good to me. 

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