Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A Year of Good Things

This time last year I read somewhere about a really simple and cool way to remember the highlights of the year. A Good Things Jar! I feel like it's easy to remember the bad things that happened during the year, fights you had, people who passed away, embarrassing moments, but I find it harder to remember the everyday happy things that happen way more frequently. This jar was perfect to capture those little happy moments. I had planned on decorating a jar, but in the end just ended up using this old peanut butter jar that I had been saving for some reason. Whenever something good happened Dave and I would write it on a little sticky with the date and toss it in the jar. Other things we put in it: movie ticket stubs, receipts from date nights, price tags of things we saved up for, little photos, flyers from events, anything that we would associate with a good time or positive experience. I'll admit once Iris came around we kind of slacked/forgot but I didn't worry, any happy moments captured were better than none!

Tonight we'll dump the jar out and read through everything together. I can't wait! I'm hoping to put them all into a little book or add it to our 2014 family yearbook somehow.

What do you think? Would you try a Good Things Jar?

Also, Happy New Year!

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