Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Mini Gourmand Menus

She eats! Like a real person! A messier version of a real person perhaps, but the 3 of us now all eat dinner together everyday and I love it. I think I have a very laid back idea of what starting real food with a baby looks like. When I took Iris in for her 4 month shots my doctor gave me a pamphlet on starting solids for your baby. The thing was from 1999 and was sponsored by the Canadian Dairy Association and said I should give Iris rice cereal and introduce things like fruit juice (what?!) at 6 months. Needless to say that didn't really sit right with me. I know rice cereal is the common first food for most babies but I couldn't bear having such a bland (and highly processed) food to be her first introduction to the wonders of eating! This is just my opinion obviously.

I honestly don't remember what her first taste of food was, it was probably just what we were having for dinner one night, but slightly mashed. Most of the times I'll just give her whatever we're eating (think pasta dishes and vegetable sides like baked squash). Lately though I've liked having a few Iris friendly foods in the fridge for when we're eating something that isn't really baby friendly (like salads or sandwiches).  Here are a few that I've tried:

  • slightly boiled frozen peas mixed with goat cheese and basil (I use the tubes of herbs to keep it easy)
  • white beans pureed with a can of tuna, some basil and lemon juice (this is really good with carrot sticks)
  • rasberries and banana "sticks" (just a banana sliced in thin stubby pieces)
  • polenta with parm and some tomato sauce stirred in
  • scrambled egg (our go-to breakfast) 
  • crust of crusty loafs of bread
  • the rind of parm (great for teething, but Gus always inhales this as soon as it falls on the floor)

My goal is to have Iris grow up eating a variety of foods and being open to trying new things every day. I will not have a picky eater goshdarnit! 

So far, so good!

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