Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A New Love: Looming

Wait, did I just pick up another crafty hobby? Erm, yes. I've been swooning over weaving lately (see here) and my lovely Dave picked me up a loom for Christmas! He's a total enabler. Most lap looms can be quite pricey but a great less expensive alternative is the Melissa & Doug loom. Yes, it's made for children and I'll admit I may have laughed when I first opened it, but it's great! Currently I'm just practicing using the leftover balls of yarn from various failed knitting and crocheting projects, but I'm really liking how they turn out! So far I have 2 up in the apartment. Dave and I joke that soon we will have woven wallpaper.

I'm hoping to learn some new stitches and experiment with some different designs. I've also seen people weave pillows and rugs. Oh man. The possibilities! Could this be my next Happy Mail Project?

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