Sunday, 25 January 2015

(Another) Easy Baby Toy

Iris is at that stage where she loves to pulls things out of other things. Toys out of baskets, clothes out of drawers, dog toys out of Gus' mouth, but her favourite is probably kleenexes out of the box. The first few times she did it, I got all goo-goo eyed because it was just so darn cute! But now I've realized that I've created a monster and must keep all kleenex boxes out of her sight.

If you have a baby you probably have an empty wipes container lying around somewhere. I just cut up a few scraps of fabric and threw those inside with a few baby socks and face clothes and let her go to town! Granted, I am still the one to pick up all of the fabric once she's pulled them all out, but at least it's not wasting kleenexes anymore.

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