Monday, 19 January 2015

Cake #10 (Spiced Pumpkin with Candied Pecans)

Halfway! Can you believe I actually wanted to make this a 40 cakes project at the start?! Good grief what was I thinking? Anyway I've been liking not-too-sweet cakes lately (maybe because I'm eating a lot of cake lately), and had a can a pumpkin still in the pantry from the fall so a pumpkin cake it was! I just did a simple vanilla cream cheese frosting and then candied toasted pecans to go on top.

I recently learned how to candy nuts and am candying all the nuts in my freezer now. You literally toss some nuts in a pan on medium heat and sprinkle some brown sugar and salt over them. When the sugar starts to melt you stir for a few minutes and then pour them on to some parchment paper to cool. Thats it.

I'll admit Dave and I ate 90% of this cake ourselves in 2 days. Very minimal sharing with others this time.

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