Saturday, 10 January 2015

Why I Journal

Confession: I've been journaling since I was 12. That's 13 years now! Granted, it hasn't always been consistent, sometimes I've gone months without writing anything but as of now I have a nice tall stack of notebooks and journals in my hope chest. It's funny how you can tell so much about who I was just by looking at the journal I had chosen. My 12 year old self had a neon plastic spiral-bound notebook, the 19 year old me had a red Moleskine when I was all academic and "mature" and now I have a big hardcover sketch book (what this says about me now I'm not quite sure).

Recently I found a small stash of journals from when Dave and I had first moved in together. I loved looking back and remembering the small things that made that time in my life so special: Dave and I figuring out how to live with one another without going crazy, people who I was close with during that time that I don't see anymore, even arguments we had then now seem so funny!

When I was a teenager I found an old journal/scrapbook of my mum's from when she was in highschool. She had pictures of cute movie stars cut out of magazines pasted in there,  movie ticket stubs and notes that were passed in class with her friends. My mum suddenly felt so relatable, so much like me in that moment.  I think it would be so awesome for Iris to have all of these journals of mine to read when she's older too.

But that's not the main reason why I journal. Mostly it just keeps me sane and gives me a chance to acknowledge both the great, the boring, and the bad things going on in my life.

Do you document your life in any way?

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