Saturday, 28 February 2015

Cake #13 (Olive Oil Cake)

Dave's oldest brother Jesse and his girlfriend Kate are pretty much like our foodie soul mates. They are the ones who always suggest the coolest restaurants and always bring back the best cheeses and coffees from their adventures. This is the cake Kate makes once in a while and I always gush (somewhat dramatically) how amazing it is. I know what you're thinking "Ew, an olive oil cake?" but it's so delicious. The olive oil makes the cake super moist and it just has a hint of olive oil flavour. You can make it with or without icing, but I opted for no icing (then I can eat it for breakfast and not feel that bad). You should try this one.

This is the recipe Kate passed along to me.
I used dark aged rum and lime juice instead because that's what I had and it still tasted great.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

House Dreams

So kinda big news, I bought a house this week! We had only been looking for a few days but the perfect house came up so we took a deep breath and went for it! Our real estate agent said we were very brave to put an offer in on only the third house that we had walked through, but when you know you know! I felt the same way about Dave when I was 18 and the same way about the soon-to-be Iris when I was 24. When something's right you just know.

We get into the house on March 30th (if everything goes according to plan) which is crazy! Not surprisingly I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest making plans. Here are a few things I've been drawn towards. We're both super pumped to make this place our own and do a few a minor renovations.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

365 Photos (Week 7)

44. I fear this will be the only green I see for some time
45. Hm. That's one way to do it.
46. We started putting Iris on the potty before bath time. I spied Dave singing her a potty-themed song and it was crazy adorable.
47. Iris was here.
48. Day time visits are the best. They make the day at home alone much more bearable. 
49. Oh man, how adorable is this photo?!
50. Laura is always so patient with me as I insist on following her around standing on end tables taking photos of her. 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Cake #12 (Dark Chocolate Pudding Cake)

So this cake is frosted with pudding. Pudding! I initially was only going to use it as a filling between the layers but then had so much left over that I tried icing the cake with it. And it worked! I'm totally taking credit for this idea.

Well, that's really all I got to say about this one lol. Only 8 more to go!

inspired by this cake
the top is covered in cake crumbs and toasted coconut

Monday, 16 February 2015

365 Photos (Week 6)

37)  My handsome man. All the heart eyes
38)  A fun and laid back baby photoshoot. Been working with people I've never met and it's really pushing me out of my comfort zone, love it!
39)  Someone found a kleenex box...
40)  Loving this book lately
41)  9 month doctor check up, no needles, yay!
42)  The best package from dear Frankie (who just had a baby!!!)

Friday, 13 February 2015

What Inspired Me This Week

I really love the internet. Here are a few things I saw this week that really stuck.

Left: concrete bucket of candles love this look! like a mini indoor fireplace
Center: flying baby must remember to try this with Iris
Right: weaving wanting to try some new weaving techniques
Bottom: landscape wide angle lens you will be mine!

Have a great long weekend!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

A Work in Progress: Family Yearbook

Hey there! Just thought I'd share one of the bigger projects I'm working on at the moment, The 2014 Family Yearbook! What's a family yearbook you ask? Well it's probably pretty obvious, I'm sure you didn't really even ask, but it's a photo album dedicated to an entire year. I'm not a huge fan of scrapbooking and this seemed like an easier alternative. I love this idea! I take a lot of photos and I spend a lot of time picking out the great ones and editing them. So I think it's really important to have these printed, instead of just hiding on my computer. Print your photos people!

What I did/am doing for mine:
  1. Buy a big photo album. I got mine at Michaels for 40% off (they always have a 40% coupon online, never pay for anything full price at Michaels!!) and it holds 400 photos
  2. Print your photos! I organize my photos by month on the computer so when they were printed they were already in order from Jan-Dec. I picked about 30 photos per month to print.
  3. Put them in your album in general order
  4. I cut out some white cardstock and plan to write up little comments or memories that go with each page, you can see how they're blank at the moment. 
  5. Make a "2014" label for the cover

In case you didn't realize, 2014 was kinda a big year for us. I love how this album starts off with lots of pictures of me pregnant and moves through the first 7 months of our life with Iris. I think this will be really special to us in the years to come. My plan is to make one every year. Can you imagine my great-grandkids looking through these?! Awesome! 

What do you think, would you make your own personal yearbook? 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Let's Call This a Hygge Moment

Pajamas + Blankets + Couch = Forts

You can read more about what Hygge is here

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Kid Lit Love

We've been reading more books to Iris lately. She's becoming more interested in sitting and turning the pages (and not eating them) so it's been making reading a lot more enjoyable for Dave and I. What's not fun about book reading with your kid though? Baby books! GAH! Can we agree that board books are mind-numbingly boring and/or repetitive? So Dave and I have been (selfishly?) picking out books that we like instead.

Like this one for example...

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt (and Oliver Jeffers, we love this guy!)

Let me set the scene for you: Duncan wakes up to find his box of crayons are missing. Instead he is left with a stack of letters from the different crayons explaining why they have quit. Fo example, the pink crayon hates that it never gets used and if it does, it's only by Duncan's sister to colour princesses. Or the peach crayon whose label was ripped off and is now naked.

I love this book! It makes me laugh out loud every time we read it. And I figure Iris will get more out of story time if mama and daddy are having a good time too :)

Happy reading!

Monday, 9 February 2015

365 Photos (Week 5)

  1. My friend's dog Molly. How can a dog look this happy?!
  2. Napping with Daddy
  3. At a photoshoot I noticed the mom had made all her lower bookcase shelves for her babies, such a great idea!
  4. Baby-free brunch date at Gilt. I got chicken and waffles with the maple hot sauce. Oh man.
  5. Prunes and quinoa. Everywhere.
  6. Her favourite room is by far the bathroom. 
  7. Recently started a more structured bedtime routine. This guy is a star player in said routine. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Cake #11 (Chocolate Banana with Mascarpone Caramel Frosting)

This sounds like it should be a good cake. Like, a really good cake right? Sadly it was not. I don't know, maybe it was just me because my Dad seemed to be a big fan of it. But there was something about the banana in there that didn't seem right. If there was no banana I think it would have been better.

Anyway I did learn one great thing from this cake and that is mascarpone frosting. Omg mascarpone! I never went near it before because a small tub of it can be close to 8 or 9 bucks, yikes! But (tip!) Freshco sells it for around $6.99 which is worth it for me. How do I describe mascarpone? It's kind of like a smooth mixture of cream cheese and whipping cream. It's really good. I will for sure be using it much more in the future.

Recipe inspired from here

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Lavender Sugar

Recently I've been really curious about lavender in food. Have you ever tried lavender flavoured things? It really does taste like you're eating flowers, but in a good way.  I thought it would be really expensive to buy some but I ended up finding some organic dried lavender buds at a local health food store for pretty cheap. I think I spent under $3 for about 1/3 of a cup. Not bad right?

Then I had to figure out what to make with it. I mean you can't just throw lavender into your stir-fry or coffee all willy nilly, this stuff is potent and let's be honest a little bit weird. I thought macarons would be a good place to start, so I whipped up a batch of lavender honey and mascarpone ones. Which were great! But holy time consuming.

Anyway I had some lavender leftover and thought I'd try making some lavender sugar, super easy! The proportions I used were 3 cups of sugar to 1 tbsp lavender. To make it I crushed the buds with a bit of sugar in my morter and pestle until it was dusty then stirred it into the 3 cups of sugar. I just put mine in a large jar, but you could use anything that seals tightly. Now the recipe I used says to let it sit in a dark cool place for a week before you use it so I can't really comment on what this tastes like yet. But here are a few ideas of how you can use it:
  • Lavender ice tea (!!) 
  • Substitute it for sugar in a vanilla cake 
  • Add a bit to sweeten whipped cream
  • Press it into the tops of sugar cookies before you bake them
  • Make a lavender black tea latte
  • Sprinkle over fruit (this may be weird)

On the topic of flavoured sugars, if you have a leftover vanilla bean pod, throw that into a jar with some sugar and it makes the most amazing sugar for teas and coffee!

I found my lavender at Healthy Foods and More in Waterloo.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

365 Photos (Week 4)

1. Hanging out at Mary's. Iris will "read" to us by opening up a page and scream and then turn to the next page.

2. Naptime, the best time.

3. Visiting Daddy and the uncles at their outdoor hockey tournament. Also, is this not the most Canadian photo ever?

4. Post naptime daze.

5. A good ole Pathfinder game. Don't knock it till you try it!

6. Ally came down to visit so we went to The Museum for the afternoon, so fun!

7. Daddy's little shadow.
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