Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Kid Lit Love

We've been reading more books to Iris lately. She's becoming more interested in sitting and turning the pages (and not eating them) so it's been making reading a lot more enjoyable for Dave and I. What's not fun about book reading with your kid though? Baby books! GAH! Can we agree that board books are mind-numbingly boring and/or repetitive? So Dave and I have been (selfishly?) picking out books that we like instead.

Like this one for example...

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt (and Oliver Jeffers, we love this guy!)

Let me set the scene for you: Duncan wakes up to find his box of crayons are missing. Instead he is left with a stack of letters from the different crayons explaining why they have quit. Fo example, the pink crayon hates that it never gets used and if it does, it's only by Duncan's sister to colour princesses. Or the peach crayon whose label was ripped off and is now naked.

I love this book! It makes me laugh out loud every time we read it. And I figure Iris will get more out of story time if mama and daddy are having a good time too :)

Happy reading!

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