Tuesday, 17 March 2015

365 Photos (Week 10, with prompts!)

Ok so I'm loving these photo prompts. Instead of looking around wondering "what shall I take a photo of?" and feeling rather uninspired I have something more concrete to focus on, it's great!

68) Mail Recently decided to use some of my monthly fun money for the Happy Mail subscription, love it!
69) Water Oh man this tub, how I shall miss thee! Our new house has the saddest shallowest tub I have ever seen so I am trying to take as many baths in this mammoth as possible.
70) Reward It took many treats to get this photo right. Gus did not mind.
71) Blue Loving the spring weather this past week.
72) Make Me Smile hahaha as soon as you put sunglasses on Iris she'll make and hold this face until you take them off,
73) Stripes The KPL foyer art thing is amazing.
74) Freebie This was supposed to be a "whats in your bag" photo but I liked this shot better. Lunch date at The Yeti.

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