Monday, 9 March 2015

Thoughts on the 365 Photo Project So Far (& week 8)

52. Hanging out on Daddy's shoulders
53. Oh man, that face
54. It's finally nice enough now for stroller rides and naps in the fresh air
55. Blueberries (obviously)
56. Haven't taken a photo of Gus in ages
57. Iris' 10 month photo for my journal

So! As much as I thought this would be a very easy project to do every day it has proved to be a bit difficult the past week or so! Ever since we bought the house my mind has been elsewhere and I hate to admit I've let this project slide a bit. I've also been feeling like I'm running out of things I want to take photos of, or just getting kinda "stuck" creatively. But I refuse to feel bad about this because such is life.

Anyway I definitely don't want to give up on this project so I went looking online for some inspiration and found this site. She posts photo prompts every day for her own Photo a Day Challenge which is a great idea, here's the one I'm using this week (I'm not following the dates):

I'm hoping this will keep the creative spark alive especially during this hectic period in our lives :) And I think it will help expand my photos from just Iris and food lol.

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