Tuesday, 21 April 2015

365 Photos (Week 11)

Ok let's just overlook the fact I missed about a month with the packing and moving, because I am still loving this project.

82. This girl flaps her arms wildly when she sees swings now so we had to stop. Also: teeth! Also: bonnet!
83. Jimmy's Mini Donuts, which happens to be a 15 minute walk from our new house (!!) why has no one told me about this place?!
84. My Oma had this couch for about 40 years and now we have it! She had it covered in blankets and arm rest covers the whole time (as Oma's do) so it's in pristine condition
85. Radishes from our veggie box.
86. Slowly working on the living room, it's coming out much more vintage-y than we planned, but loving it!
87. A bunch of wood in our backyard, it's all too old and pretty to get rid of though
88. At my uncle's surprise birthday; Iris was a bit overwhelmed by all the smoked meat and people I think ;)

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