Thursday, 23 April 2015

Our Weekly Veggie Box

Before we moved into our house, Dave and I had BIG PLANS to have this incredible garden in our soon-to-be backyard this summer. It would have taken up the whole yard. It would have had raised garden beds with rotating crops. And a large composter. And a small garden for Iris to dig in. Dave was so into this concept he spent weeks researching, taking notes and talking about gardening, much to the slight annoyance of the rest of the family (we love you Dave!).

But then we moved. And reality set in. Unpacking and setting up the house will probably take all summer. We are definitely not going to get to this garden thing this year. So we were a bit bummed but decided to look into a CSA box instead.

After asking around we decided to go with OrganicsLive. Which I'm not sure I would describe as a CSA box but we liked the flexibility they offered (you can pick what you want in your box and can pause your order whenever you want). How it works is pretty much every Friday I get an email telling me what produce is available for the week and I get to pick 10 or 11 types of items. And on Tuesday it gets delivered to my door. At this time of the year most of the stuff isn't local, but it is always organic and sustainably produced. We get the "small" box and it's about the size of a computer paper box. It runs us $37 (everything included) for the week.

What I love about this is that we get different things every week (I've heard with traditional CSA boxes you kinda get the same stuff most weeks) and every day is like a Chopped episode where I am forced to figure out what to do with purple kale, baby bok choi, and leftover cornflakes. It's both great and frustrating depending on my mood.

Hopefully next year we'll be able to have our own garden but for now, having organic produce delivered to our door is pretty darn awesome.

You can read more about OrganicsLive HERE

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