Friday, 29 May 2015

May Book Report

I'm not gonna lie. This is the most books I've read in a month since before I had a baby. But lately I've been finding myself reading more and thought I'd share a bit :)

Dark Places by Gillian Lynn: You've read Gone Girl right? RIGHT?! Well I loved that one so much I thought I'd try some of her other books too. This one was another great thriller, a little too grisly for me in some parts but I couldn't put it down and finished it in two days. I love how she goes between past and present, it works so well.

Jewel of the Thames by Angela Misri: I actually bought this one from the authour herself at Chapters. She was so friendly and excited about her book I felt like I had to buy it! I think this one is considered YA but it was still a fun read. The premise of the story is (SPOILER!) that the main character is the (secret) granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler and moves into Baker St. after her mother dies. I have really enjoyed early 1900's mysteries set in England lately (I have to laugh as I write that, it sounds so specific and weird) but I'm still not sure if I'll pick up the next one in the series. It would make a good beach read though.

Waiting for Birdy by Catherine Newman: Oh man, this was my favourite book this month. If you have a kid, you will definitely relate so hard to this one. This one chronicles the year of the authour's life while she is pregnant with their second baby and generally the day to day ups and downs of being pregnant with a toddler still in tow. I actually read the whole thing out loud to Dave and he loved it too. It's funny, at times sad, it's real, and I may have gotten a little weepy at all the bittersweet parenting truths I can relate to now. Totally recommend this one.

What have you been reading lately?


  1. If you liked Dark Places you should read Sharp Objects. It is a little dark in places but another excellend Gillian Flynn novel.

    1. Yeah I think I'm gonna make my way through her other books now too. As long as a read a happy book in between I'll be good ;)


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