Sunday, 21 June 2015

Cooking Through Jamie Oliver

Disclaimer: If you want to read about how 4 friends and a baby managed to make delicious labour intensive recipes calmly and cooly, well, this is sadly not that story!

Well now that we've publicly committed to this whole cooking through a cookbook thing, there's no turning back now! Gah! We decided to tackle 4 recipes this time: Mojitos, Ultimate Cornbread, Insanity Burgers, and Peanut Butter & Jam Brownies. On a weeknight after work. I know right, what were we thinking?!

The cornbread and brownies I had made in advance but I'm not gonna lie, getting all the food together in my small kitchen when we were all starving was hectic. So much so I didn't exactly cook the burgers as much as I probably should have which led to many half-kidding jokes about mad cow disease, oh dear! We ended up tossing the burgers back in the pan for awhile longer just in case.

Once we had finally sat down, we realized we had forgotten to make the mojitos. AND that I had forgotten the limes and had somehow thought mojitios were made with vodka and not rum. I know right?! This does not sound great at all! Laura ended up creating a decent cocktail with what we did have though and we drank many while playing cards and chatting for the rest of the evening, completely exhausted.

So not as idyllic as the first go but I am not discouraged! I think next time we'll just have an appetizer while we're cooking and perhaps wait for the weekend and that will make everything better ;)

Jamie Oliver puts a combo of mustard and chipotle sauce on his burgers as he pan fries them, and I must say, it's amazing. You should try it next time you make a burger.


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