Friday, 10 July 2015

Local Love: The Yeti Cafe

Today I wanted to start a new feature called Local Love! I feel like we tend to spend a lot of time (not to mention money!) pining for far away places. I remember the pressure after college to live abroad and travel the world to "find myself". Which, don't get me wrong, is great if you can afford it. I traveled to London and Paris for 2 weeks in my early 20s and it was amazing. But lately I've really enjoyed the sentiment of living locally and finding the gems in your own hometown. I've definitely planted roots in the KW region and am here to stay! Which I realize may sound like a terrifying concept to some. 

Anyway let's move on to my first favourite local spot: The Yeti Cafe! I can't quite remember when I found out about this place but I do remember that I instantly wanted to move in; the atmosphere and decor were so quirky and cozy. Serving breakfast, brunch and lunch, I personally love to go for their homemade lemonade and odd (but delicious!) sandwiches/wraps. I remember Dave got a wrap once and it was made out of a giant collard green leaf held together with elastics: woah. 

The place is decorated in mostly second hand items, including a rather impressive collection of decorative plates and globes. If you're near the Kitchener Market or just downtown in general I highly recommend checking it out! (And always always get the half & half hash browns and salad added to your meal!)

The Yeti Cafe
Fine Coffee, Brunch & Lunch
14 Eby Street N Kitchener

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