Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A Weekend Away (with no kid!)

This year for Dave's birthday, myself, and our parents pitched in to get Dave (and me, score!) a weekend at one of his favourite places, Bill Lishman's cabin. You may remember last year when we went with a little non-mobile Iris. This year we decided to leave Iris in town with my parents for two nights, the longest we've ever been away from her! I picked Dave up at work on Friday and we drove on up to Bill's. After many detours, and wrong turns we finally arrived when it was very very dark. Bill met us at his really amazing underground house where his friend Ed (an equally friendly older gentleman) drove us in their truck down deep into the forest. The whole way down Bill's dog Della ran beside and in front of the truck, I thought for sure we were going to run her over! Once at the end of the path we climbed the steep trail to the actual cottage in the pitch black all while carrying our food and bags with Bill leading the way with a headlamp on. You would never it know to look at him, but that guy's a tank! He climb that hill no problem! 

Once we reached the cabin Bill and Ed showed us where everything was again, and pointed out the latest addition to the cabin, a muskox rug. Bill said he bought the pelt from an Inuit woman up north and tanned it himself (I remember last year one of the employees mentioning that there was a muskox pelt stinking up the whole studio). He also mentioned that the woman he bought it from said "there's nothing like making love on a muskox rug". Ha! 

After that they left us and we had 2 and half glorious days just to ourselves. We went hiking, drank lots of tea, stoked the wood stove, napped whenever we felt like it (a luxury!!), read, played card games, and ate lots of bread and cheese fried up in a cast iron pan. I felt like I had been stripped down to my basics, no kid, no routines, no makeup, no chores, nothing. And it felt so good. Sure every once in a while I would get these sharp pains of missing Iris, but ultimately I knew that in order for this weekend to be worth it I had to enjoy it 100% and not waste any time with guilty feelings. Plus Iris got to watch as much Baby Jake as she wanted, eat as much cheese as she wanted, and take baths for as long as she wanted all weekend so it was a treat for her too. 

 Getting away without Iris was so good for us. It's been awhile since Dave and I could go off just the two of us and it felt very restorative. Beeing "on" as a parent 24/7 is crazy draining sometimes so it was good to take a few days off to recharge. There were even talks of making this a birthday tradition!

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