Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The New Bed.

Iris has never slept in a crib, but she's been sleeping in her playpen on a sheepskin since she outgrew our co-sleeper around 3 months old. Recently we decided to make the transition to the big kid bed, or rather a twin mattress on the floor, and oh boy has it been a transition! The decision was perhaps a little selfish. Lately Iris has been getting up in the middle of the night and has been a pain to put back down. There were many nights where Dave would fall asleep on the (hardwood) floor with Iris on top of him, or we would switch on and off going in to comfort her and attempt to sneak out of the room when she finally fell asleep. Unfortunately no one was getting much sleep with either of those options so we decided to get a mattress, that way we could just lie down with her and if we have to, sleep there too.

A few things about the transition that have been harder than I imagined...

She gets out of bed. All. The. Time. Now that she's not "confined" in a playpen she knows she can get up whenever she pleases. This has definitely made naptime and bedtime harder. It's equal parts total sweetness and complete annoyance when after you've tucked her in she'll come to the door, knock and say "Mama? Yaddy?" And then have a meltdown when no one comes right then. We've let her cry it out a few times and she'll eventually make her way back to her bed to sleep but there have been many afternoons where she'll just play (semi-quietly) in her room for 2 hours. Or pull out all of her clothes, books and toys, oh man! Toddlers are a different breed I tell ya!

Dave actually sleeps there some nights. Dave is the best. Like seriously the best. He decided to be the nighttime parent for this transition and gets up with her and promptly falls asleep beside her for the rest of the night. It's come to the point where if I go in at night Iris will push me away and cry for "Yaddy!" What?!  While I do love having the bed to myself for half the night, it's not exactly what either of us pictured as ideal. You do what you gotta do I guess!

Anyway just thought I'd share. If you have kids you can probably relate to the whole crib to bed transition and how tough it can be. Toddlers right?!

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