Monday, 4 January 2016

And then there were 4!

You may have noticed I haven't been writing much lately. Well that's because I've been busy cooking baby number two, woop! We're super pumped very deep down inside but on the surface have barely made it through the past month and a half, it's been rough! My hormones were all kinds of crazy high and low which meant I've spent the last month pretty much in bed, trying to eat something, and crying. So much crying. I love babies. But I really hate pregnancy UGH. I hate how it takes over my entire being making my body feel like crap, turning my mind into a sorry, sad, mean thing and makes me a lame mama to Iris and partner to Dave. UGH UGH UGH. I'm happy to say that I can feel myself getting past the dreaded first trimester and we are all relieved that I am back making food, not crying (as much) and can actually contribute to our little household (Dave does happy dance now). 

Side note: OMG Dave has been such a trooper the past month and a half. Literally became both parents, helped out with daycare, did all the chores, hugged me when I cried and let me sleep whenever I needed it (which was SO MUCH). Love that dude. Also shoutout to my mum who let me complain endlessly about being pregnant, rubbed my back while I cried on her couch feeling sorry for myself, would go through her entire fridge and pantry trying to find something I could stomach, and my dad who came over to do our never ending dishes when Dave got sick and helped out with Iris. LIFESAVERS.

It's kinda funny having your second baby. I mean when we found out, we were excited but then after the intial "Yay!" we were just like "ok....well....let's go make Iris breakfast then." And when I got the first ultrasound it was exciting and everything but I almost forgot to show it to our parents! I guess it's just not as life changing the second time around? I mean we're already parents, I know what having a newborn is like, and honestly I'm so consumed with Iris and daycare I barely have time to daydream about this next baby! This sounds terrible! Please tell me this is what it's supposed to be like! 

Anyway this baby is due in July and Dave will be off for the summer which is great and he's planning to take 8-12 months paternity leave too! So all 4 of us (plus Henry and Des with daycare) will have lots of time together which I'm excited about :) 
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