Thursday, 17 March 2016

Around Here

Things have been feeling pretty good around here. I'm at that point in the pregnancy where I feel amazing and apart from my rapidly expanding body and alien like movements in my belly, I forget I'm pregnant most of the time. I know this will soon change so I'm holding on to this phase as long as I can. This ain't my first rodeo, I'm no fool!

We recently had a bit of a scare with the baby. There was an abnormality found on my 20 week ultrasound and I knew as soon as I saw my midwife calling a few hours after the appointment something was up. Long story (kinda) short we had to get an appointment at McMaster asap and spend a week totally rethinking our expectations of what "healthy" could mean for this baby. Oh man. You take it for granted when the people in your little gang are healthy and life goes on pretty normally, this whole thing really threw us for a loop. But after all that, the ultrasound at McMaster came back as totally normal! So it was most likely a fluke with the first ultrasound or there is a very very slight risk our baby could have Down Syndrome. But honestly, after all the other terrible things they were telling us it could be, Down Syndrome was the least of our worries! We'll just have to wait and see now.

Other than that craziness we are spending as much time outside as we can now that the weather is above freezing and are drawing up backyard plans for gardens, fruit trees and rain barrels. Maybe even some chickens down the line (hopefully they won't still be illegal when we want to get some!).

I have so much I'm looking forward to in the coming weeks and months and it makes life feel good.

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