Tuesday, 26 April 2016

I'm Making a Quilt!

What feels like forever ago (I think back in the fall) I finally asked Dave's mom to teach me how to make a quilt. Robin is one of those crazy talented crafty ladies who can knit the entire family sets of mittens and hats, make multiple quilts a year, and even make Ukranian easter eggs but when you exclaim how amazing this all is she'll just brush it off and say something like "Oh, I just followed a pattern!" or "It's really not that difficult".  Psssht! That woman is a handicrafts master.

Quilts are a big thing in Daves family. They have quilts from generations ago that were all hand stitched and made out of old sheets. We were given a quilt for our wedding (that Robin made). And Iris was given a baby one when she was born too. I pretty much married into the family for the quilts. Obviously. 

When I had first started making my own I had visions of having it done in a few weeks. Heck, I was planning all the quilts I would make for Christmas gifts! Well, the great (and kinda bummer) thing about making a quilt is that you can't rush it. I wouldn't say it's hard to make one, but it sure takes a lot of time. It's been one of those projects I pick up and do a little bit of here and there. Right now I have about 10 more pinwheel squares to make before I can move on to sewing them all together.

My favourite part about making a quilt? Picking out all the fabric for sure. Fabric can get pricey so I thrifted as much as I could, plus Robin gave me lots from her stash and then I filled in the rest with fabric from a store.

My least favourite part? Cutting the fabric. Bah! So much precision is needed! I've never been one of those "measure twice, cut once" people so I've struggled with all the cutting that is initially involved.

Now that it's really starting to come together I'm getting more excited to finish it. I've found myself sneaking downstairs during nap time to sew a few squares here and there. I'm looking forward to sharing the finished product :)

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Let's Call This a Hygge Moment

Last night I came home from yoga and found this. Iris fast asleep snuggling up with a semi-deflated balloon (or "baboon" as she calls it) with my sweat pants as a blanket and Gus cozied up with her. Doesn't this just perfectly sum up the awesomeness of tiny humans? It's messy, chaotic, but at the end of the day you just have to sigh a heavy happy sigh because it's all totally worth it.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Growing Things

Our motto these past few hard weeks after my brother's sudden death has probably been "keep on keeping on." As tragic as it's been, life still keeps going, especially with a little kid running around and another one on the way this summer. We've been finding peace of mind by looking forward to the many things in the future and the day-to-day things that still make us very happy, at a time where it feels almost wrong to feel happy.

One of those things has been our garden plans. Last fall my mum picked us up a giant pack of fancy non-gmo, heirloom, organic (the whole shebang!) vegetable seeds. This was the first time we've tried to grow things from seed. Usually we buy seedlings from the market in the spring but Dave was very intent on trying it from scratch, so he gave it a go!

Well, about 4 weeks later our spare bedroom has turned into a bit of a greenhouse and the entire sunny area in our laundry room is covered in green things popping up all over the place! It's crazy! Dave went to a local nursery where an associate whispered to him to check out their recycling in the back where he could find tons of small pots perfect for starting seeds, all for free! Score!

So far, it looks like most things will make it to the big garden out back when it gets a bit warmer. Or really, just when it stops snowing, whenever that will be!

We've been going a bit hippy-dippy round here and growing some of our own food is sounding so so good to us. We're super pumped to see how they turn out.  Fingers crossed!

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