Sunday, 29 May 2016

Documenting the Everyday + and my favourite ways to do so

I don't know about you, but I really love documenting things, always have. Making lists of books I read, recipes I love, writing in journals, taking photos, even tried my hand at scrapbooking for a while. My hope chest is already half packed with these things starting from around age 11.

My brother, who was a very cynical young man, always scoffed at me when I brought my camera anywhere, or took photos of random things while out and about. He would always say something along the lines of "Well if Nat doesn't take a photo of it, then it never happened!" But it's kinda true right? I mean, if you don't document the little everyday things that seem kinda boring or trivial in the moment, those are the types of things your brain just doesn't hold on to. Like the photo I have of when I took Iris to the grocery store by myself when she was really little. I mean at the time it was just a everyday thing, and I felt a little silly having my good camera out in the grocery store, but looking back now, it's crazy! She's so little there! Grocery shopping was so easy when she would just sit and chew on her hand in the cart! So I'm always super thankful to "Past Natalie" for taking the time to document those little things.

Here are my four favourite ways to document the everyday...

1. My "Big" Camera
Honestly, my big camera is one the best investments I've ever made. Maybe even the best, ever. I bought it about 3 or 4 years ago and had to save for months to get it. And then I had to save again for a long time to buy a decent lens but it's just so awesome having good quality photos of our life. When I had a regular digital camera I never really did anything with the photos. But good quality photos you want to print, put into albums, blow up and put on the wall.

2. My Phone + Instagram
You can say what you want about Instagram but I love it for documenting the little everyday moments. I keep mine private as 99% of the photos are of Iris and are kinda personal, which I realize isn't how most people use it. I don't follow many real life friends just because I found before I would always get sucked into that "their life looks so cool and mine is so boring" hole so I follow accounts that I find inspiring. At the end of the year I use THIS to download and print my Instagram photos.

3. Journal
I don't write everyday but I probably write a few times a week. I stick receipts from certain purchases and date nights (hey one day I will marvel at how cheap everything was!), Instax photos, business cards from restaurants we went to, that kind of thing in there. I always try to remember to take a selfie once a year and stick it in there too. Whenever I start to feel uninspired to write in a specific journal, I throw it in my hope chest and start a new one. Yes, I have never filled an entire journal. Ever! Not in the 16 years I've been journaling! I've stopped feeling bad about this lol.

4. Instax Mini
This one is great for adding photos to my journal, sticking on the fridge, giving to people, and generally just having a tangible photo right away. I'll bring this when I'm out and about when I don't want to lug my big camera around, especially when we go out with Iris and my bag is already kinda full with her stuff.

Now that I write it all out, man, it looks like a lot of work doesn't it?! I swear it's not! It's totally become ingrained into my everyday life at this point. Documenting isn't for everyone, but I look at all the family history stuff Dave has from so many generations back, and when I go through my mum's old teenage scrapbook, I just know I'm not going to regret having this kind of stuff years from now. And by capturing the everyday little things that make me happy I'm in a way making the moment more important than if I didn't take the second to recognize it and take a picture. Does that make sense?

Anyway, do you do anything to document your everyday life? Did you find it was more important to you once you had kids?

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  1. Great post Nat! I have been playing around with Day One app for Mac / iOS since I got my Macbook. I have always liked writing too, and it tends to really come out when we go on vacation (I have several longer posts I wrote in Boston in Day One). The app basically works like a dated journal, and marks your entries in a calendar, and you can insert photos similar to grow the story. It also can capture all sorts of other contextual stuff, geographic information, songs playing for the post etc.

    Unfortunately not on Android, but it's a pretty beautiful looking app, I'll share it next time we're in town!


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