Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Baby Harvey!

Well my due date came and went and I felt like I had missed my chance at having this baby and was destined to be pregnant forever. But obviously that didn't happen and I had me a baby boy! Harvey Dean Nunn :) Look at that hair!

The past month with him around has flown by. I find myself feeling both so busy with two kids and at the same time wondering what I did all day. The great thing about having your second baby (for me at least) is that I'm way more chilled out. I'm not anxious about how much sleep he's getting, letting him cry while I run to the bathroom, or if the heat rash on rash on his face could be something really serious.  It seems a lot easier this time around. I'm also used to not having large chunks of sleep at night too so that helps.

I can't believe I have two kids now. It's crazy! 
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