Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Making: a crochet rag rug out of t-shirts. I learned how to make it at the Mendfulness Retreat and now I'm hooked (pun totally intended)

Reading:  How to Party with an Infant by Kaui Hart Hemming

Eating:  so many crockpot meals. My mum made us about 15 frozen meals right before Harvey arrived that we just have to dump in the crockpot with some water. It's been a lifesaver especially on those days where we haven't managed to get groceries and you know, still need to feed Iris dinner. Thanks Mum! 

Going:  to the library at least once a week with the whole fam. I still get excited every time we leave, "I can just take these books home for free?!"

Listening: to Stuart Maclean stories while we hang out in the kitchen

Hoping:  it starts to cool off soon outside. I don't want to rush the passing of time but GEEZ! I am so done with this hot weather and humidity!

Planning to start up my monthly craft night with friends again! I organize it and had put it on hold for the summer for obvious reasons but am itching to get back to it! 

Trying:  to be more patient with Iris. Since Harvey's been born she's been more prone to temper tantrums and going as Dave and I fondly refer to it, "full on crazy", especially in the evenings. It's hard to stay cool and not snap! 

Enjoying:  getting out of the house by myself and biking to a yoga class a few times a week

Excited: for the living room to be DONE. We're almost there! 

Grateful:  for Dave holding down the fort (happily!) so I can leave for said yoga classes

Feeling: tired. But happy :)

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Mendfulness Retreat

Today I went to a crafting retreat! An eco craft retreat! Or as I fondly referred to it, the "hippie dippie crafty retreat"! A few months ago I had signed up for Little City Farm's Mendfulness Retreat. I was very pregnant at the time and knew I would have to bring the new baby with me, but I was really hoping I would get one of those easy babies that I could wear all day and still participate. Well, lucky for me, I did get one of those babies so today went really well! 

The day consisted of a whole bunch of workshops you could sign up for ranging from how to mend clothes in cool ways to making rag rugs out of old t-shirts. Halfway through the day they laid out a huge feast of homemade food, including flatbreads made in the outdoor wood burning oven, a bunch of dips, veggies and some really funky (but amazing!) fermented things. There was also a swap table where you could leave or take any fabric, yarn, or crafting supplies too. 

Harvey was so so great the whole day! I was a bit nervous taking him. Would he cry the whole time? Would it be weird to take a baby to this thing? Would I be able to participate? But the owner kindly told me I could use the on-site B&B to feed him or just go to if I needed a break with him. So every 2 hours or so when he would start to get restless I'd go on up to the B&B, pop him out of the wrap, feed him, change him and let him kick around on the futon couch for a bit. Then I'd re-wrap him and join the workshops again. Having him there was honestly so easy, definitely not what I expected. And I still was able to participate in most of the workshops too!

I'm so glad I got the chance to go to this! I feel like my mental wellness got a huge boost by getting out, being creative, and socializing with new people.

You can check out Little City Farm's website HERE
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