Tuesday, 25 October 2016

I Made a Quilt!

Remember way back when we I said I was making a quilt for Iris? Well I wasn't lying, it just took forever to finish! I actually had finished this a few weeks before Harvey arrived but have just gotten around to taking some photos of it now. It looks pretty legit right? I'm in love! It's kinda hard to see the colours in the top photo but I went with a pastel theme.

Some Things I Learned About Quilting...

Things can get pricey pretty fast. I thrifted the backing which was an old (in great condition) vintage sheet. And my MIL (who is a master quilter) had a large stash of fabric that she kindly shared with me. I still bought some small pieces of new fabric and just those alone added up so quickly. I can't even imagine how much this quilt would have cost me if I had to buy all the fabric brand new- yikes! I would totally recommend repurposing any fabric you have first and checking through the sheets and pillow cases section of thrifts stores before you go to Lens Mills or Fabricland.

Only work on it when you're feeling it. There were a few times where I would see the half finished quilt sitting on my craft table calling to me "finish meeeeee!" and I would grudgingly sit down to get some more done. Don't do this! I almost always made silly mistakes or rushed through when I wasn't in the mood. When the creative feeling hit me I could put in a good hour or two happily.

It's SUPER satisfying to make your own quilt. And totally addictive. Sure, it took forever but when I finished it? DANG. It felt good. I was, and still am super proud of it. I'm slowly collecting scrap fabric to make one for our bedroom now but I'm in no rush.

I am by no means skilled in sewing but I somehow made a quilt! If it's something you've thought about trying, totally do it! Here are some links I found helpful...

Making a triangle quilt (this girl makes a lot quilts, and is really inspiring!)
How to make a star pinwheel (the style I made)

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